About Us

Welcome to Wilderness Defence Force (WDF), where safety meets serenity in the picturesque landscapes of Wilderness, Western Cape.

As the premier armed response company in this idyllic locale, we understand the unique blend of tranquillity and security that defines our community.

Our marketing strategy aims to encapsulate the essence of our surroundings while emphasizing the paramount importance of safety and protection.

At Wilderness we decided that to stay in line with the beauty that is Wilderness, our brand-new fleet of vehicles were launched on 25th April. Our fleet was designed with natural beauty of our town in mind, and we promised to ensure your safety while still making sure the town looked beautiful.

Our commitment extends beyond more mere protection: we staunchly advocate for community safety, going above and beyond to safeguard our picturesque and serene towns.

How to find us

Based in Wilderness at 1 Station Road, we strive to preserve the tranquillity of our community. At WDF, our goal is to provide top-tier armed response services, technical support and visual stimuli in conjunction with our state-of-the art cameras and control room.

At WDF we offer a comprehensive security solution designed for a variety of clients and industries, ensuring maximum protection though expert strategy and cutting-edge technology.

We’ve adopted a unique approach that goes beyond merely fitting into the culture of the wilderness; we ensure that our vehicles become an integral part of the natural surroundings.

Picture this: rugged terrains, dense forests, and majestic mountains – our vehicles are designed to navigate through them effortlessly, allowing you to explore every corner of the wilderness with ease.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to adaptability. Whether you’re traversing rocky trails, crossing streams, or meandering through remote valleys, you can count on us to be there every step of the way. Our vehicles are not confined to paved roads; they’re built to thrive in the untamed beauty of nature.

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